Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Word for 2011

Last year was the first time I heard of the idea of choosing a word sort of as your theme for the year.  I know, it may sound kind of hokey to some people but really, I found it a valuable experience.  For 2010, I chose the word serenity.  Choosing that word served me very well.  There were a few trying times during the year – not anything really serious like a death in the family but still, things that can really try a person’s patience and reminding myself to seek serenity through it all has been very helpful.
I found that an important part of the process for me was to create a piece of art based on my word.  It helped me feel like I was really absorbing the word internally, gave me time for reflection as I worked on the piece (about why I chose that word and what it means to me), and finally, gave me something tangible that I could put where I would see it every day.
This year when I was first asked what word I was choosing I instantly responded with “faith”.  It just popped right out of my mouth before I even thought about it.  Of course, then, as is my nature, I started to think about it some more and I started to second-guess my choice.  I considered other choices but kept going back to faith. 
Interestingly, I made my final decision to go with my gut instinct the morning of December 31st and then went to spend New Year’s Eve with a dear friend.  While there, he gave me a Christmas gift.  I was blown away.  He had no knowledge of me picking that word for 2011 and yet there it was!  Clearly, it was meant to be!
Join Robi Cohen and me Monday night, January 3rd for our first In the Zone Live Interactive WebTV show.  It’s a crafting party with chat, demo’s, and time for you to share what you’ve been making!  Our theme for tonight is a new year, fresh start, endless possibilities.  I’ll be demo’ing my artistic interpretation of my word faith.  You don’t need a webcam to watch (although if you have one, we’d LOVE to see what you’ve made!) and can watch on your computer from wherever you are!  It’s at 9 pm Eastern on the Creative EdVentures channel.  On Facebook you can access the room at: or on the web, go to:

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