Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coming Up on In the Zone Monday Feb. 21st

Tomorrow night on In the Zone with Cyn Gagen and Robi Cohen, our theme is KARMA CHAMELEON! In the Zone is a live interactive webtv craft show at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific.  There are craft demonstrations,  a chatroom where you can connect with other crafters, and the opportunity to use your webcam to show us what you’ve been working on. 
You can watch the show right on your computer and you don’t need a webcam to view it.  Connect through a Facebook application at or on the web at .  The live show is lots of fun and a great chance to make some new friends but if you’re unable to make it at that time, the show is recorded and the playback link will be shared here and on Facebook so you can watch it at your leisure.

On the Last episode of In the Home with Cyn Gagen


On the In the Home show from Friday, Feb. 18th, I was feeling “Springy” and decided to go with a colourful floral theme.  I showed how to make three different flower projects:  a flower pot filled with flowers that are actually pens in disguise, a napkin rack that I “slipcovered” in Koolaid dyed fabric and adorned with a Lutradur flower (also dyed in Koolaid) to use as a desk organizer, and a felt flower in a flower pot with a hidden fork that functions as a memo holder.  They’re adorable projects that will definitely liven up the desk in my studio and can be easily adapted for children to make.

Here’s the playback link in case you missed the live show:

This coming Friday is In the Spirit, a show about spirituality and finding and honouring the spirit within you. 1 pm Eastern, noon Central, 11 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Cupcake Stands

These are the cupcake stands I made from scrapbooking paper, disposable cups, and old CDs. Here are some links to more great ideas for making cupcake stands:
This one is made with vases and small plates:
This out of clay pots and saucers:
From a wine glass and plate:
From a teacup and saucer:

On Friday Feb. 18, In the Home

In the Home is a show hosted by me, Cyn Gagen, that focuses on making a house a home.  I’ve been doing some future planning for the show and I’d like to ask all of you a few questions to help me guide topics for the show:

What do you think makes a house a home?

What kinds of things would you like to make for your home to make it….well….homier?

What sorts of topics about your home, home decor, crafts for the home, and so on are you interested in?

The show is this Friday at 1 pm Eastern (noon Central, 11 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific) on the Creative EdVentures channel:

In The Zone - February 14th - What did you MIss?

In The Zone - February 14th - What did you MIss?.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Favecrafts Finished on the 15th: A Roundup of Crafting Projects from the Past Month

Here are some of the craft projects I’ve made and shared on our live interactive crafting shows over the past month:
Flowers made from lollipops, cupcake liners, and paint chips.
bud2pic bud3pic
Door decor made from a heart shape and some more cupcake liners.  You can do the same idea on a wreath shape.
A little treat box with a heart closure.
bud5pic bud6pic
A little heart booklet that opens out into a flower shape.
Playback link for the In the Budget show featuring the above projects:
My steampunk heart pendant from our Steampunk Love episode
Playback for this episode of In the Zone:
val1pic val2pic
A heart card that opens up into a flower shape.
A heart pocket box – it can be used like this on a shelf or you can add a handle to make sort of a basket and hang it up.
Folded paper hearts to form an ornament
Paper quilled heart pendant
Playback for the In the Season show featuring the above projects:
cupcakestand1pic cupcakestand2pic
Cupcake stands (complete with fake cupcake)
Playback for the most recent In the Zone show featuring these cupcake stands and an oh so cute greeting card that holds gumballs or other candies made by Roberta Birnbaum Cohen:
Our lineup of craft shows that you can watch right from your computer – join us live and take part in the fun chat or you can watch the playbacks:
In the Zone with Cyn Gagen and Roberta Birnbaum Cohen is every Monday night at 9 pm Eastern
In the Paintbox (easy painting techniques) with Amanda Marks is every Thursday at noon Eastern
Robi@nite with Roberta Birnbaum Cohen is every Thursday at 11:59 pm Eastern
Every Friday at 1 pm Eastern we have a rotating schedule of shows hosted by Cyn Gagen including In the Budget (budget friendly crafting), In the Season (seasonal crafts for celebrations big and small), and In the Kitchen (cooking!).
We hope you can join us:  Our blog:
On Facebook:  Our fan page where we post reminders and updates about all the shows: and you can access our shows as a FB app here: OR on the web here:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the Budget: Valentines Show Feb. 11, 2011

In case you weren’t able to join me live for the most recent In the Budget show, here’s the playback link:  In the Budget is all about budget friendly crafting.  This can include dollar store finds, great seasonal buys, things from around the house and out of your recycling bin and more! 
For this show, I shared some Valentine themed ideas but of course, these could be adapted for other times of the year.  I began with some easy crafts made from paper cupcake liners.  There are some beautiful ideas out there on the internet for crafts made from these paper cups and I adapted a couple of these including these cupcake liner lollipop flowers (originally seen on Skip to my Lou:  Martha Stewart did the same kind of idea without the lollipops as toppers for gifts etc.:
And these wall/door decorations – I made one that is heart shaped but as you can see it lends itself beautifully to a wreath shape too:
bud2pic bud3pic
I shared some design hints that I found worked really well and made these even quicker and easier to put together – check out the playback!  You can use the same method to cover a styrofoam ball to make lovely hanging orbs or place the balls on a dowel as a floral like topiary.

You can even glue them together and attach them to a piece of floral wire to create carnation like flowers.
If I had more time, I would have shown these too – they look like award ribbons and you can use them on cards or as gift toppers.  Aren’t they adorable?
Here is a roundup of some additional links to more cupcake liner craft inspiration:
I also demonstrated how to make this cute little heart shaped booklet.  It could be used as a greeting card or a little scrapbook/journal.  It was suggested during the show that you could write “in the round” on it for a special effect.  Check out the video for the how to’s!
bud6pic bud7pic
Finally, I shared this adorable treat box with a heart closure on it.
I showed how I make up a template for making boxes using a ruler and some graphing paper so that you can use this method to create your own box designs.  If you’d prefer to use a premade template, Robi Cohen was sweet enough to take my design and make and share these templates for it: 
heart box
R. Birnbaum Cohen c.2011 (for JPG file)  OR  for the PNG file which you can use with SCAL, Make The Cut,  and other die-cutting software.

Robi@Nite Show Summary - What Did I Miss Feb. 10th

Robi@Nite Show Summary - What Did I Miss Feb. 10th.
Cloisonne Heart

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free SVGs and templates for the Chinese New Year

Free SVGs and templates for the Chinese New Year.

Our Schedule of Great Creative Shows

Mondays:  9 pm Eastern (8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific), In the Zone, a craft party of demo’s, chat, fun, laughter, and Show and Tell time for you to share with us what you’ve been working on!  Hosted by Roberta and Cyn.  Theme for February 7th show:  Valentine's Day

Thursdays:  Noon Eastern (11 Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific), In the Paintbox, where Amanda will be teaching basic painting techniques dealing with watercolor, acrylics and eventually oils.  She will demonstrate that you don’t need expensive tools to paint…just patience and practice!

Also on Thursdays, at midnight Eastern (11 pm Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific), robi@nite, hosted by Roberta who created this show “for 'night owls' like me and all my friends on the West Coast and other time zones. The show will focus on art, crafts, chat, and health issues many crafters live with. The night light will always be on :)”.

Fridays: 1 pm Eastern (Noon Central, 11 Mountain, 10 am Pacific), a rotating schedule hosted by Cyn:

February 4th: In the Season, our show about seasonal celebrations big and small

February 11th:  In the Budget,  sharing budget friendly crafting ideas

February 18th:  In the Home, focusing on making a house a home

February 25th:  In the Spirit, a look at spirituality that encompasses all religions as well as taking a secular look at bringing more spirit into your life

March 4th: In the Kitchen, all about creative  cooking!!!

You can reach Roberta at

Amanda can be found at

And Cyn's blog is a

You can watch any of these shows right from your computer by going to: on Facebook or on the web.  You don’t need a webcam to participate but if you have one, we’d love for you to share with us!  These shows are a lot of fun to attend and participate in live but if you’re unable to make it to any of them due to other commitments, no worries.  Each one is recorded and I’ll be providing the playback links here so that you can check out what you missed.


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