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Monday-June 27-Recap of my first Come2Chat

HI-It's Kelly!!!!! I am a believer that Art can heal. I think we all have at least 10-15 minutes a day to sit and practice or do our "creative" thing. It is a form of meditation to me. I want people to have a way to express themselves and not feel overwhelmed by money to get supplies or complicated projects. Actually, I feel no project is complicated if broken down in to steps.....we all have it in us to create in some form or another whether it is writing , painting, sculpting, photography...oh the list can go on and on!

I am going to do a recap of what I chose to do on Monday and what my goals are for future Come2Chats. I showed everyone how to make an Art Journal for $1.00. YES-$1.00! First I bought a piece of white posterboard. My Dollar store sells them 3 for $1.00 but Craft Stores also sell them .79 a piece and A.C. Moore brand acrylic paint for .59 a piece!!! I then proceeded to cut them into strips approximately 6 inches wide and 7 inches long-You can make them ANY size you choose. Once they were cut I put them all together with the dull side facing up and shiny on the opposite side. I gave them a tap.....poked 3 holes in the stack about 1/4 inch from edge. I took 3 pieces of scrap yarn and tied them in the holes. I used a pencil to tie around to give space for book to open well. There were some great suggestions in the chat room about putting beads on the extra yarn, using twine and ribbon to tie the pages together. It is yours so GO FOR WHATEVER YOU LIKE!

I like Positive Energy and Intention pit into my work so I wrote "Today no matter where I am going or what i am doing I will find something positive and look for joy and happiness" I then began to cover it with an easy background technique. Here is a link for a quick tutorial of the technique I used for the background on my YouTube page knittingandthings

On my Creative EdVentures Come2Chats I will continue to teach Awesome - Inexpensive Techniques and even start some great Mixed Media and layering. I LOVED the positive energy that you all brought to my first show and I am so thankful and hope you will come again!!!! Here are a few still shots of the project

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Favourite Canadian Art

By Cyn Gagen

carr gitwangakqueen charlotte islands1912

Gitwangak, Charlotte Islands, 1912, Emily Carr

Tonight on In the Zone, Roberta and I shared Canadian art in honour of the Canada Day holiday coming up on Friday. I began by sharing my three favourite Canadian artists:

carr totem walk at sitka  1907 carrBigRaven1931

Left: Totem Walk at Sitka, 1907, Emily Carr Right: Big Raven, 1931, Emily Carr

Emily Carr (December 13, 1871 – March 2, 1945) She was both an artist and writer who was greatly inspired by the Native Canadians of the Pacific Northwest Coast and did a lot for sharing the culture of the Pacific Northwest with others. She was one of the first painters in Canada to use a post-impressionist painting style.


Blunden Harbour, 1931, Emily Carr

There is a free stained glass pattern of the painting above available here: I could see it working well for paper crafting, art quilts, and many other things as well.

Carr didn’t receive much recognition for her work until she was quite a bit older and later in her life, the focus of her work moved from aboriginal themes to landscapes with a particular fondness for forest scenes. She was a contemporary and friend of the Group of Seven.

harris_lighthouse Father Point 1930

Lighthouse, Father Point, 1930, Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris was born in Brantford Ontario on October 23, 1885 and died January 29, 1970. He was well known as a member the Group of Seven and in fact, A. Y. Jackson (another member of the Group of Seven) has been quoted as saying that Harris was the one who provided the stimulus for the group. I’m actually not a huge fan of the Group of Seven as I find most of their work quite dreary but in the 1920s, Harris's work began to simplify his paintings and make them more abstract and colourful.


North Shore Lake Superior, 1926, Lawren Harris

This is when I start to really develop a love for his work. I quite love the cold, stark landscapes he began to focus on of the Canadian north. Around this same time he also stopped signing and dating his work because he wanted people to judge art on its own merit and not by the artist or when they were painted which I found a really interesting concept.

peelbeforethebath1892 PeelAftertheBath1890

Left: Before the Bath, 1892, Paul Peel Right: After the Bath, 1890, Paul Peel

Paul Peel was born here in London Ontario on November 7 and died in his sleep in Paris at the age of 32 from a lung infection. He was a Canadian academic painter. Academic art is a style of painting and sculpture influenced by European academies or universities. He received his first art training from his father at a very early age and later studied under experts in the US and Paris.

PeelYoungBiolgist1891 peelyoungbotanist1888

Left: The Young Biologist, 1891, Paul Peel Right: The Young Botanist, 1888, Paul Peel

He won a medal at the 1890 Paris Salon for his painting After the Bath which made him one of the first Canadian artists to gain world-wide recognition within his lifetime. He was well known for his pictures of children and nudes with a sentimental slant to them. In fact, he was one of the first Canadian artists to paint nudes.

I shared information about Inuksuit and showed how to make a small version for yourself. If you’d like to see more about them, check out this blog post:

If you’d like to see the show’s playback, here’s the link:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In the Zone: Canadian Art June 27, 2011

By Cyn Gagen


At the Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

Do you know what an Inukshuk is?  Do you know who the Group of Seven was?  Do you know anything about Emily Carr? Robert Bateman? Robert Gagen? (hey I recognize that last name!) Paul Peel?


Lawren Harris, North Shore Lake Superior, 1926

Coming up on Friday, it’s Canada Day, our holiday to commemorate Confederation, when Canada became a country.

totem walk at sitka emily carr

Emily Carr, Totem Walk at Sitka, 1917

So, in honour of that, on Monday’s In the Zone, we are going to celebrate Canadian art. Come see what we come up with this time!


Paul Peel, After the Bath, 1890

9 pm Eastern, in the Creative EdVentures room:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

ROBI@NITE June 23, 2011 episode

By Robi Cohen
Here is the link for the playback of my show if you missed it: 

It was a  SWWYDWTapalooza tonight!  So many entries for 'So, What would you do with this?", and the entries get better and better each week.!

Here are some of the  items up for brainstorming tonight:

So, what would you do with these objects? We came up with dozens of suggestions during the show. My personal favourite was the shoe inserts and all the wonderful ideas we came up with. I mean, just LOOK at them, they are practically BEGGING to be decorated! 

Thank you to all the participants and audience members tonight:).

REMEMBER; every entry submitted for our weekly SWWYDWT segment, gets an entry in my monthly draw for an Gift Card!
Email pics to by Wednesday night of each week.  Thank you!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Monet Waterlilies from In the Paint Box

by Amanda Marks

I really wanted to tie my show with In the Zone this week especially because they were discussing Impressionism.  Since it is summer vacation I really want to gear my projects at least for the summer towards kids.

Check out the Playback for this fun project geared towards small children (1-8 years of age).  You can of course modify it for any age group.  The idea did come from Jan 2010 Arts and Activities Magazine and teaches fines motor skills and basic impressionism techniques.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did you win? Creative EdVentures Blog Hop Winners Announced!

Creative EdVentures had its First Ever Blog Hop this past weekend (June 18th and 19th) and we had so much fun!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit us and view the projects we created using Sue Miller Designs Stamps.
Thank you for becoming followers and taking the time to leave us comments; we love comments!

Thank you to our WONDERFUL DESIGNERS who devoted many hours of their time to help make this a success:
Fabrizio Martellucci
Christine Patton
Kelly Donovan
Karen Campbell
Laura Davidson
Kari Sanchez
Cindy Coleman

You Rock!

We appreciate the support of Sue Miller and Queen Kat Stamps; without whom we wouldn't have been able to bring you this Hop, and want to extend a HUGE thank you to them!  Please visit Sue Miller and Queen Kat Stamps - you won't be disappointed.

~Roberta & Cynthia~

The Prizes and The Winners!