Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Favecrafts Finished on the 15th: A Roundup of Crafting Projects from the Past Month

Here are some of the craft projects I’ve made and shared on our live interactive crafting shows over the past month:
Flowers made from lollipops, cupcake liners, and paint chips.
bud2pic bud3pic
Door decor made from a heart shape and some more cupcake liners.  You can do the same idea on a wreath shape.
A little treat box with a heart closure.
bud5pic bud6pic
A little heart booklet that opens out into a flower shape.
Playback link for the In the Budget show featuring the above projects: http://www.linqto.com/PlaybackRoom.aspx?roomname=creativeedventures&name=SingleExplicit_2011_02_11_11_57_30_143
My steampunk heart pendant from our Steampunk Love episode
Playback for this episode of In the Zone: http://www.linqto.com/PlaybackRoom.aspx?roomname=creativeedventures&name=SingleExplicit_2011_01_17_19_59_32_906
val1pic val2pic
A heart card that opens up into a flower shape.
A heart pocket box – it can be used like this on a shelf or you can add a handle to make sort of a basket and hang it up.
Folded paper hearts to form an ornament
Paper quilled heart pendant
Playback for the In the Season show featuring the above projects:  http://www.linqto.com/PlaybackRoom.aspx?roomname=creativeedventures&name=SingleExplicit_2011_02_04_11_59_44_315
cupcakestand1pic cupcakestand2pic
Cupcake stands (complete with fake cupcake)
Playback for the most recent In the Zone show featuring these cupcake stands and an oh so cute greeting card that holds gumballs or other candies made by Roberta Birnbaum Cohen: http://www.linqto.com/PlaybackRoom.aspx?roomname=creativeedventures&name=SingleExplicit_2011_02_14_19_58_03_531
Our lineup of craft shows that you can watch right from your computer – join us live and take part in the fun chat or you can watch the playbacks:
In the Zone with Cyn Gagen and Roberta Birnbaum Cohen is every Monday night at 9 pm Eastern
In the Paintbox (easy painting techniques) with Amanda Marks is every Thursday at noon Eastern
Robi@nite with Roberta Birnbaum Cohen is every Thursday at 11:59 pm Eastern
Every Friday at 1 pm Eastern we have a rotating schedule of shows hosted by Cyn Gagen including In the Budget (budget friendly crafting), In the Season (seasonal crafts for celebrations big and small), and In the Kitchen (cooking!).
We hope you can join us:  Our blog: http://creativeedventures.wordpress.com
On Facebook:  Our fan page where we post reminders and updates about all the shows:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-EdVentures/101034569958186 and you can access our shows as a FB app here:  http://apps.facebook.com/creativeedventures OR on the web here: http://linqto.com/rooms/creativeedventures

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