Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Tick off your friends on a Blog

By Robi Cohen

Fonts can be Dangerous!

I have upset my friends.  Why? Because I completely messed up our 'joint' blog, Creative EdVentures, with my font.  
Fonts can be DANGEROUS people!!!

A while ago, tired and bored with the very limited choices of fonts in Blogger, I decided to get an app which would convert my blog into any font I desired.  This was wonderful! 
First problem; depending on which computer I was using, and which Windows platform I was using, I did or did NOT see my new font.  I wasn't even aware that it was actually working until I went to a friends house and she pointed out something in my blog and I said, "Hey! It DOES show up!".. I had just assumed, for whatever twisted reason, that it just wasn't WYSIWYG on MY computer only.

This is also why, quite often, when you use a certain website it will say 'compatible with IE' , or for 'optimal viewing only use Vista and IE'... stuff like that.

All was good in the world, and I posted along most merrily in my Papyrus font, until one day....

...the skies darkened and a booming voice came from the heavens.. ( ok, it was Fab... but still) and this voice said, "Robi (imagine a French-Canadian/Italian/British God-like voice), what the (deleted by the sensors) have you done to our blog? It is completely messed up and you are to blame!!!"  -- at which point he took a sip of tea and called for Vince to please let him have a Krispy Kreme donut.  
Shocked, and for fear of being struck by lightening, I realized that, 'yes, I was to blame'.

I have 'imported' or syndicated my posts to many other sources before, including Wordpress, and NEVER did my HTML code completely supercede the existing code on the target source!  Papyrus took over the blog! 
It was awful. There was so much carnage!

The moral of this story - yes, there really is something of importance here -- 
When you have a blog there is a certain amount of 'maintenance' you must do on a regular basis.
View your blog from as many browsers and platforms as possible.
See how quickly/slowly your page loads
If you have an RSS feed, you must somewhat regularly check the 'destination points' for what is actually being shared.  Sometimes your post is not relevant/appropriate for a specific audience and should be removed from there.

Rememeber people -- do as I SAY, not as I do/did/done.
I have learned a valuable lesson.

Mea culpa BIG TIME!!

Go Helvetica!!!!


  1. LOL ! Or type your post straight into blogger ! ;) Or for others that have the same issue just copy and paste your post from one blog to the other in a normal txt file so it loses all the html 'legacy' ...kinda putting the post through the wash ! LOL I love it how you consider me a voice from above. At least you know you're beneath me as HTML goes ! ahahahahah

  2. You both are too high tech for me....I have little clue what this was all about. I have no idea what to do with a blog :D other than open one. Bottom line something went wrong with a font. Looks fine to me. Ha-ha! Still fun to read this post.

  3. LOL -- Janet, I'm sorry if I confused you even more! That was NOT my intention!:) But I'm glad you enjoyed my post:). ~Robi

  4. Bahahahahahha. This is too funny! I love Fab as the voice of God. You make me laugh Robi.

  5. Cyn, that is my raison d'etre: to make you laugh:)

  6. LOL...I do know what happened here with the font situation!!!About 2 years ago I decided to put a nice saying at the end of all my e-mails that I sent out.Larry my husband and I worked on it for days...trudging through a bunch of stuff that didn't work.Finally we thought we had it.It looked beautiful and just the right color.Well,to this day it is still there,however,when someone writes back to me it doesn't always look like the one we designed.It is usually the same color,but,the font is totally different.Go figure??So the lesson here is...you might want to just stick to the plain old font that you know for sure others can read.If not you will hear the rumbling voice of someone who is wiping icing off their chin from their favorite Krispy Cream Donut and the slurping of his tea as he washes it down.You cup your ear to hear...and think...oh,it's the Lord himself come to help me...as you have never heard that voice before...but He has an accent??? Wait a minute,you say to yourself...that's not the Lord...it's that man posing as the Lord...and wait...I'm thinking...oh,yes...now I know...it's that Fab that everyone is talking about!!! {{{Now how's that for a discription of the Fab man himself?}}}HEE HAA LOL I wonder how long it will take Fab to read this and for him to tell me about it?Not long probably as he is pretty quick at everything he does!!!That's all she wrote...~*~Sandra~*~



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