Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday-June 27-Recap of my first Come2Chat

HI-It's Kelly!!!!! I am a believer that Art can heal. I think we all have at least 10-15 minutes a day to sit and practice or do our "creative" thing. It is a form of meditation to me. I want people to have a way to express themselves and not feel overwhelmed by money to get supplies or complicated projects. Actually, I feel no project is complicated if broken down in to steps.....we all have it in us to create in some form or another whether it is writing , painting, sculpting, photography...oh the list can go on and on!

I am going to do a recap of what I chose to do on Monday and what my goals are for future Come2Chats. I showed everyone how to make an Art Journal for $1.00. YES-$1.00! First I bought a piece of white posterboard. My Dollar store sells them 3 for $1.00 but Craft Stores also sell them .79 a piece and A.C. Moore brand acrylic paint for .59 a piece!!! I then proceeded to cut them into strips approximately 6 inches wide and 7 inches long-You can make them ANY size you choose. Once they were cut I put them all together with the dull side facing up and shiny on the opposite side. I gave them a tap.....poked 3 holes in the stack about 1/4 inch from edge. I took 3 pieces of scrap yarn and tied them in the holes. I used a pencil to tie around to give space for book to open well. There were some great suggestions in the chat room about putting beads on the extra yarn, using twine and ribbon to tie the pages together. It is yours so GO FOR WHATEVER YOU LIKE!

I like Positive Energy and Intention pit into my work so I wrote "Today no matter where I am going or what i am doing I will find something positive and look for joy and happiness" I then began to cover it with an easy background technique. Here is a link for a quick tutorial of the technique I used for the background on my YouTube page knittingandthings

On my Creative EdVentures Come2Chats I will continue to teach Awesome - Inexpensive Techniques and even start some great Mixed Media and layering. I LOVED the positive energy that you all brought to my first show and I am so thankful and hope you will come again!!!! Here are a few still shots of the project

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