Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogging 101

by Amanda Marks

Blogging is an essential part of any artist or crafters marketing campaign.  For example I started my blog Who Are You Calling Crafty? over a year and a half ago to keep track of projects I was working on.  I became obessed with Followers, Readers and customization.

I wanted my blog to represent me and what I was trying to do, which was (is) teaching children the importance of art.  Over the course of that year and a half my blog has become less busy, more functional (user friendly) and has taken on a life of its own.  This has not been an easy journey and I have spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out HTML and people's directions on how to do something.

I have started a series on Who Are You Calling Crafty?  called Blog to Web 101.  I have covered many of the items already on my blog, so rehashing them here seems a little redundant.  I am adding new ones once a week until I feel I have covered every item. 

Today on In the Paint Box I will be answering blogging questions LIVE at NOON EST.  Please join me in the Creative EdVentures Linqto Room to answer your questions.  If you have questions please email me (put in the Subject line - BLOGGING QUESTION - I get a lot of SPAM)

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