Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mary Lou’s Angel

By Maria Nerius and the audience of “In the Studio with Maria Nerius”
Every once in a while we are visited by angels in disguise and our friend Mary Lou was one such angel. She shared her creative heart with all and her favorite craft project? Angels!
1/2 Yard of muslin washed
1 Yard purple ribbon
1 Yard pink boa
5” White boa
5” Silver star garland
1 Beaded flower (brad)
1 Purple glass butterfly bead
1 Pink heart button
Hot glue and glue gun
3-5 Tea bags and 1 gallon hot water
1 1/2” or 2” wood bead
Chenille stem
Place washed muslin into a tea bath (steep 3-5 tea bags in large bowl) and allow to soak for at least an hour, remove, rinse, and allow to dry. This gives the muslin an aged look. Along the bias of the fabric cut 1” into the fabric every 1/2". Rip along the cut marks to create long strips of muslin.
Arms. Take two of your strips and fold in half, then in half again, and one more time fold in half. You should have a length of around 5” in front of you. Measuring in 1/2" from each raw end, tie off with another strip of muslin (or ribbon) to create “hands”. Trim.
Body. With 12 more strips gather each at raw end and fold in half keeping your finger in the fold. Slide in arms and balance. Gather up under the arms and tie off creating the the top and bottom of a dress or body for the angel. Trim if desired. This is a very long angel, you can choose to add another fold to shorten her.
Head and hair. Glue wood bead to top of angel body at center. Loop white boa twice and secure with chenille stem, this is the angel’s hair. Glue to top of wood bead. Loop silver star garland twice and secure with chenille stem, this is the angel’s halo, glue to top of hair.
Wings. Looping a figure 8 twice with pink boa shape wings. Secure at center with chenille stem. Glue to back of angel’s body. Glue wings to back of angel’s body. Adhere a medium heart button to center of angel’s wings.
Finishing. Purple ribbon was tied at angel’s waste and trimmed. A beaded flower brad, with the brad removed was glued to center side of ribbon, then a purple glass bead butterfly was glued to side of flower. Enjoy.

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