Friday, December 10, 2010

In the Season Live Interactive WebTV: Dec. 10, 2010

On today's In the Season Live Interactive WebTV show on the Creative EdVentures channel, I demonstrated how to make three different adorable Christmas napkin rings.

This poinsettia one is made from felt - it takes a little bit of cutting and then assembles in seconds.  No glue required!

These are the pieces you need to cut out.  Two red flowers with 4 petals each, one green flower with 4 petals (slightly larger than the red ones), and one red "bone shaped" piece.  In the video demo, I show you how simple it is to assemble these into a poinsettia.

Once assembled, a ring is formed on the back of the poinsettia to serve as the napkin ring.

This holly napkin ring is also made from felt - same idea as the poinsettia one but this time I used a couple dabs of glue to add some holly berries to it.

To make this napkin ring, you start with a long strip of green felt shaped like holly leaves at each end.

At the base of one of the holly leaves, you cut a slit.  Then the other holly leaf is pulled through that slit to form the ring that holds the napkin.

Finally, there's this adorable Santa napkin ring.  Made from a toilet paper tube, you simply tuck a red napkin up through it and voila! The napkin forms Santa's hat and coat.

This project takes one whole toilet paper tube.  Cut it in half and paint one half flesh coloured.  For the other half, I cut it open and painted both the inside and out white.

The white one gets cut into strips.  Already curved because of the shape of the tp tube, these strips become Santa's curly beard.

I glued a scrap of quilt batting to one end of the flesh coloured piece to form the brim of Santa's hat.  You could use felt or cotton balls or paper instead.

If you missed today's show, here's the playback link where you can see the complete demo's: You can follow our fan page on Facebook for all the latest on our shows and check out our blog here:  Creative EdVentures

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