Friday, December 24, 2010

Today’s In the Season Live Interactive WebTV on the Creative EdVentures Channel

We had a lovely little holiday celebration on In the Season today with Maria sharing with us her holiday trip to Germany and both of us sharing our Christmas traditions.
I also showed a couple quick and easy last minute Christmas crafts such as these cute little creations!  Can you guess what they’re made of?  Yup.  I’ve been using toilet paper rolls again!  I flattened them and painted them in a background colour.  When they were dry, I used some Terrifically Tacky Tape just inside one end to seal it closed.  Then I decorated them.
On the reindeer, I used some craft foam circles for the cheeks and petal shapes for the ears.  Googly eyes and a pompom nose finished his face.  Then I punched two holes in the top and twisted a chenille stem through it to serve as the closure.
For Santa, craft foam was used for his cheeks and mustache, quilt batting for his beard and the trim on his hat, googly eyes and a pompom nose.  For the closure on this one, I glued on a scrap of fabric as his hat and tied it shut with a piece of ribbon.
For the snowman, I once again used googly eyes, a piece of craft foam for his carrot nose, and then I painted on a mouth.  A felt strip that I fringed at both ends made for a scarf and another felt scrap was glued on for his hat, using a piece of yarn to hold it shut.  But, hmmmm, I’ve told you that one end is sealed and that I’m creating closures (that can be reopened) for the other.  It must mean something is supposed to go inside right?  Can you guess what it is?  These little pockets are perfectly sized for gift cards!  What a fun way to present one to someone, making it just a little extra special with that added hands-on touch!
If you missed seeing In the Season live, here’s the playback link so you can check out all the fun!

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