Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christmas in July


For my little nod to Christmas in July this past week during our In the Zone show I demonstrated how to make these adorable little Santas.  You need some sort of a ring – this one is wooden but plastic or wire or even one you fashion yourself out of something like wire hangers will work.  Then you need yarn or fabric cut or torn into strips – I used white for the beard and a red print for his hat.  Cut each piece of yarn or fabric strip in half and then loop over the ring and tie on with a lark’s head knot.  Gather the red strips together and tie another piece of yarn/fabric around to form the top and pompom of the hat.  String some beads on a piece of yarn/fabric as the eyes and nose and tie to each side of the ring.  You can use smaller rings to make these ornament sized, medium rings work great if you want a doorknob hanger (just put the doorknob right through the hat), or large ones to make door or wall decor in place of a wreath.  With the larger ones, you might even want to experiment with adding a second string below the eyes/nose with a red bead for a mouth and tying on some small piece of yarn or fabric strips to add a moustache as well.

Here are some of my favourite Christmas projects from past blog posts:



santa5pic  (Several other cute options for napkin rings here too)


Lots of other great ideas – check out my blog for more:


  1. Hi Cyn thanks great shares

    Hugs Love and prayers Love Bev

  2. Another idea for you for Christmas gifts, is a micro macrame ornament cover. It's easy to learn and my wife created this herself in just a few days. She's making a bunch of them to give as gifts this year.



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