Saturday, July 9, 2011

Prayer Flags

By Cyn Gagen


The belief behind prayer flags is that prayers, mantras, and symbols are written and drawn on them.  The flags are then hung up outside where the wind can touch them and carry the prayers out in the world to touch all who come into contact with that wind.  Buddhists believe that anyone touched by these wind-carried prayers feel uplifted and are granted good karma.


My first prayer flag:  Cultivate joy and bestow kindness.  Under the layers of cloth, I’ve written some more personal intentions.

The other day during Come2Chat I was working on painting on fabric in preparation for making prayer flags.  You can see some of the painted fabric above in this prayer flag.  Here’s the post where I shared the painting techniques I used:

For more information about prayer flags, check out the post over on my blog here:


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  1. Love the idea of prayer flags, never heard of them before! Thanks for sharing, Valerie



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