Monday, April 18, 2011

Are you enjoying Come2Chat ?

My first post giving thanks to talented people

Well this is my first post on Creative Edventures and I'm thrilled to bits to be part of this group of outrageously talented ladies. If anyone would have told me a few months ago that I would be participating on a regular basis in a live webcast, I would have told them they were nuts.

I have to thank first and foremost Cynthia Gagen who's been a mentor and a total inspiration and   helped me come out of my shell, little by little. She found my inner broadcaster persona and coaxed it, gently nudging me to do that little extra. So thanks Cyn you're really helped me.

I want also to thank Robi (Roberta Birnbaum) for her continuous support when I thought I couldn't do it, Amanda Marks to allow my geekiness to come forward and leslie-rahye for being there for me pushing me out of my comfort zone when I was down in the dumps.

Totally aware that I'm sounding like I'm at a Oscar ceremony receiving an award but I needed to give my heartfelt appreciation to these ladies who are so supportive. So thank you gals ! :)

Something about Come2Chat !

Now, since I've mentioned Come2Chat I need to get on with it, this is an informal show under the Creative Edventures umbrella and it's broadcast three time a week at Noon ( Easter Time ) Monday - Wednesday - Friday. It lasts usually one hour and Cynthia, Amanda or myself will either host and co-host.

It's a hanging out place for crafters where you're more than welcome to 'come in' for a chat in the chat room or with your own webcam show everyone what you've created. Before I forget the virtual room where you can see the live video webcast is at this following link (so bookmark it so you can come back it) :

Creative Edventure Live Craft Webcast on Linqto

See me creating greeting cards live

I'm on at Come2Chat on Monday and Wednesday.

Monday I will demo how to use some specific 'tools of the paper craft trade' such as templates, die-cutting, hand stitching etc...

I share my tips I gathered and learnt from other crafters, as well as great shortcuts to make your cardmaking quicker ! ;)

Wednesday It's the 'Card Under an Hour' challenge where I use the very inspirational Claudine Hellmuth book 'The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit' and make a handmade greeting card. Hopefully I manage to follow the cards which have been picked from the kit: one for color and one for theme.

You can see the last two attempts at my card making where I show my thinking behind picking craft supplies elements and putting them together.

So I hope to see you soon at Noon Eastern Daylight Time, 11am Central Daylight Time, 10am Mountain Daylight Time, 9am Pacific Daylight Time; 5pm British Summer Time, 6pm Central European Time.
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  1. Fab, you are such a sweetheart! You do a great job on our shows and you are the perfect addition to the team. We are LUCKY to have you!



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