Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Special Charity Event Tonight on Creative EdVentures

We're having a special show tonight on the Creative EdVentures network to help reach out to a charity in need. Marion Smith is collecting chipboard "tiles" to put together into a sort of collage quilt and then will be auctioning those off in order to raise funds for Reece's Rainbow. Reece's Rainbow is an organization dedicated to raising the money needed to fund adoptions for special needs orphans and we at Creative EdVentures were so touched by this, that we have decided to help.

What we're hoping for is that we can collect enough of these tiles to be able to submit them as a group and have at least one full "quilt" sold that is entirely made by Creative EdVentures participants. The hosts of Creative EdVentures, Leslie Rahye, Roberta Birnbaum Cohen, Fabrizio Martellucci, Amanda Marks, and Cyn Gagen have already pledged a minimum of 4 tiles each; so they'll be able to complete one quilt all on their own. Wouldn't it be great, though, if we could send in at least one more? Because we're wanting to submit ours as a group, instead of sending to the Prima office address in the video, we're asking that they be sent to Leslie Rahye and then she will forward them all together to Marion Smith for us.

So, tonight on Creative EdVentures in place of our usual show at 9 pm Eastern, we'll be having one dedicated to this cause. We'll explain all the details to you (the specifications for each tile and so on), answer any of your questions, and we'll have some demo's to share ideas for background and embellishment techniques for creating the tiles. We sure hope you'll join us. As usual, this show will be recorded so if you're unable to be there LIVE, please take the time to watch the playback and learn more about this amazing project. Connect to our show here: http://linqto.com/rooms/creativeedventures

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