Friday, March 18, 2011

Come2Chat Challenges on Creative EdVentures

We’ve begun having some weekly challenges on Creative EdVentures and boy are they fun! This past week’s challenge was to create something Spring themed that included a toilet paper tube.  Here are what the participants made:
An adorable Easter wreath from Amanda Marks
From Dawn Taylor….isn’t this a great organizer!  I love the detail work on it!
From Fabrizio Martellucci  - Look at the sweet tree he made from the toilet paper tube to adorn this lovely frame!
Genelle Voss makes these gorgeous bracelets from tp rolls!
Leslie Rahye does such beautiful work!  Check out the mini album and sour cream container favour pouch she made from toilet paper tubes.
I did a take on a little craft I used to do each Spring with my Kindergarten students making cute little Spring birds.  The head and body are formed from toilet paper rolls that I painted.  With the kids we usually used strips of construction paper for the wing feathers and then they would draw on faces or cut out pieces for them from paper.  In this case, I decided to use magazine paper for mine and just so happened to find a Sweet and Low ad with these lovely pink birds in it.  I was able to use pieces of the background to make the wing feathers and then I cut out the head and tail to add to my bird.  Then I cut out the chest plumage, making little feather like shapes and gluing them only at one edge so they would stand out from the chest of the tp bird and give it some dimension.  With the kids, we would attach a rubber band that we had cut in half to the head of the bird so we could hang them up and then when you pull down on the rubber band, letting it spring back up, it would look like the bird was flying, with its wings fluttering in the breeze created!
Our next challenge is to create something from recycled cardboard – cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard, whatever!  The trick is that it has to be something practical.  Now, we’re interpreting the term “practical” pretty loosely here – ideas like doll furniture, books, regular furniture, and such have been tossed around.  The idea is we want something that goes beyond the merely decorative (ie something like my bird up there wouldn’t work for this challenge).  You have until Monday March 21st to show us what you’ve got.  You can email photos of your project to and we’ll share them on the Come2Chat group and can create a slide of it to upload into the room at the time of the Monday Come2Chat show at noon Eastern.  Or you can share them directly on the page and I can create the slides from that.  Of course, if you have a webcam, you are welcome (and we’d be thrilled) to have you share what you’ve made during the chat show LIVE!

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