Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creative EdVentures Show Updates

This past Friday on In the Spirit, we talked about how posting affirmations, quotes, or lines from favourite books, movies, and songs around your house can be an inspirational and uplifting thing to do.  I used to just put them on pieces of paper or Post-it notes but then I decided to jazz them up a bit.  I made frames from empty CD cases that I upcycled – because of the design of the case, it’s really easy to switch out the quotes you’ve put in them any time you’d like.  I also showed some painting techniques for creating fireworks type effects to go along with my love of the song Firework by Katy Perry and the lyrics in it. 
Check out the playback link to see the show:
Then on In the Zone this past Monday night, our theme was These Boots are Made for Walking!  For many of the shows, we’re using the song that was the Billboard #1 hit for that week and in 1966 it was this song made famous first by Nancy Sinatra.  Robi tuned in from her road trip but had some technical issues with sound so she wasn’t able to do any demo’s that night.  I showed two projects:  a felt baby bootie and a brown paper cowboy boot '”pocket” that can be used as a wall or door hanging holding dried flowers or as a little gift bag for a small present or some candies and much more.  I showed a painting technique for mimicking the look of leather on the brown paper.
Here’s the playback links – yes notice there are two – the first one is about 5 minutes long and the second is for the rest of the show because a certain person (ahem, that would be me) accidentally hit the stop record button partway through the show!

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