Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the Zone Monday March 21, 2011

Monday’s In the Zone show theme was Penny Lane, the #1 Billboard hit for this week in 1967.  Boy oh boy, did we ever give ourselves a challenge in this theme but I think Robi and I really did a good job in pulling it off.  Robi made the cutest piggy bank while I went a slightly different direction with penny rugs.
Penny rugs were first made in the 1800s by thrifty women who tried to use up every little scrap they had at their disposal.  They would save wool and felt bits from coats, clothing, and blankets until they had enough to create penny rugs out of them.  They’re called penny rugs because pennies were often used as the tracing templates, being a size and shape that would get the most out of every bit.  These “rugs” that were created weren’t generally the kind of rugs you place on a floor but more often were decorative items for on shelves, beds, and even walls.  I made coasters!
Here’s a little more modern take on the penny rug.
If you missed the live show, here’s the playback link:

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