Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday Night’s In the Zone- The Big 5-0

Did you miss Monday night’s Live Interactive Webtv Crafting show In the Zone hosted by Robi Cohen and me, Cyn Gagen?  If you did, you missed our best show ever!  Our theme for last night was FIFTY because today I turn the big 5-0 and in three days, Robi does too!  We thought it would be so much fun to celebrate our birthdays on the show.  We invited some special guests to join us for the show too.  We didn’t really tell them what the theme meant – just let them guess and interpret it any way they wanted to.  Lisa Fulmer ( came on and shared a gorgeous memorial album she made for her dad and showed us some wonderful techniques to use in our creations.  Check out the photos of it here:


Andrea Currie showed us how to make a fun and funky candleholder out of 49 bottle caps and 1 can lid as well as a cool necklace out of 50 bottle caps (“Look, it’s not even enough to choke you!” – inside joke…watch the replay and you’ll get it!).

Check out the Youtube video of Andrea's fabulous bottlecap luminary:

Leslie Rahye came on and did a little “Things that are older than Cyn and Robi” tribute to us that was fabulous.  It was a takeoff of this classic scene from The Cosby Show.


Robi shared with us a very special gift she has been working on for me.  I had tears in my eyes when I saw how lovely this book is and I can’t wait to see it in person.  She has clearly put a lot of time and thought into it and I appreciate it so much.


I also shared one of the gifts I have made for Robi.  I found this vintage heart shaped muffin tin at Value Village and was debating whether to use it for for actually making muffins and cupcakes or for making art.


The other day I saw it sitting on the table and I knew instantly that not only did I need to use it for art but it had to be something for Robi.


I used it sort of as a shadow box of sorts, adding different elements to each section.


I “distressed” the tin with alcohol inks.


The words that I added with the silver alphabet beads are ones that remind me of Robi and sum up what she means to me so perfectly.


If you missed the live show, here’s the playback link so you can check out all the fun and silliness!

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