Saturday, March 19, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Our first craft challenge was to make something Spring themed out of toilet paper rolls and the ideas that everyone came up with were GREAT!  I meant to share these links to other tp tube projects with that post but forgot, so here are a bunch of projects I’ve found from around the internet.  You know, when I used to think of making crafts from toilet paper rolls, it was always children’s crafts but check out these links and you’ll see that the humble tp tube has now become quite sophisticated and can be used for not only adorable kids’ crafts but really lovely adult ones as well!

An adorable Spring egg nest (perfect for Easter eggs) and napkin ring
Sweet pincushion
A darling family of bunnies
Pretty cuff bracelets
Easter bunny
Puppy – seriously, you have to see this blog…she makes such cute stuff and the things she can do with tp tubes!!!!!!!
This tree is quite amazing!  I think I’m going to make one to hang in my living room!
I <3 this wall decor!  Geometric and modern!
Cute little bird feeders that kids would love to make.
This is a Christmas village but you could easily make it for Easter or anytime!
These flowers are beautiful.
If you hung this in your home, I bet no one would have any clue that it was made from toilet paper tubes.  It is gorgeous!
A variety of cute animals – they used them for Valentine’s Day but they could be used anytime.  How about a whole zoo of tp tube animals?
A really novel idea – pixel art made from cardboard tubes
Finally, you have to see what these artists are doing with paper tubes.  Intricate dioramas, amazing faces, and more – you just can’t imagine how stunning these are!

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